Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easter decor ideas

We are approaching one of the biggest Orthodox holidays - a bright Sunday of Easter. This is the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it also symbolizes the awakening of all nature after a long winter sleep. And so these days all the housewives are thinking over the various options for decorating the house to this important day. We made a selection of the most original Easter decorations for your house.

Decor with Easter eggs

The traditional symbol of Easter are chicken eggs, painted in different colors and decorated with various patterns and motifs. You can use special dyes for eggs, stickers and shrink films with Easter patterns. Also, the technique of decoupage on large wooden eggs will look very original.
Here's a cute garland of their eggs is very easy to make out of empty eggs, pre-releasing them from the contents. You can do it this way - pierce a small hole in the egg, and then blow out or pull out the yolk and protein with a syringe. Give the egg a little to dry, and then in the same holes thread the thread, and your garland is ready. Of course, before this egg is worth decorating.

Easter compositions

This is perhaps the most original way to decorate a house for Easter. Since it is very convenient to choose a separate corner in the house, and create an Easter composition suitable for the design of this room. The composition can consist of almost any decor, you will come with painted eggs, fresh flowers, vines, mats that mimic the grass, figurines of birds, bunnies, chickens, chickens.
Much you can do yourself. To do this, suitable materials - paper, cardboard, glue, old rags and threads. From all this you can make hares and chickens yourself, sew napkins and tablecloths with Easter ornaments, cut and glue paper flowers. You can even make candles or soap in the form of Easter eggs and little animals, and then give it to your friends and friends directly on the holiday itself.
In Easter compositions everything looks appropriate, the main thing that was bright, beautiful and springy fresh. Such simple but pleasant activities will help you to have fun and use the evenings in the family circle.

Baskets with flowers perfectly fill the house with a spring and festive atmosphere. They can be put not only on the table, but also throughout the house, where you want. In such a basket you can plant ceramic animal figurines.
It is very nice and so in the Easter way - to plant in the empty egg shells young flower seedlings. Of course, then they will have to be transplanted into normal pots, but during the holiday you will be pleased with the guests' eyes with such an original decision.

Wreaths and decorations for the door

This Easter decoration is more known in the West, but lately it has become increasingly common in our homes. Moreover, the Christmas wreath on the door is already firmly entrenched in our minds, so the Easter wreath will not seem too unusual.The only difference is that it consists of wicker rods, fresh flowers, eggs, ribbons, and other symbols of Easter.

Easter figurines

Figures of chickens and chickens - another symbol of Easter, lead exactly the chickens carry eggs. There are also many variations on this subject. But none will be as beautiful as sewn with your own hands. Moreover, it is so simple. You will need only small pieces of fabric with nice patterns, colorful threads, and buttons for finishing. The size and appearance of the chicken will depend only on your imagination. 

Decoration of the Easter table

The Easter table is the place that the whole family is about to gather. To emphasize the joy and exaltation of the holiday, we offer you ideas for decorating the Easter table. On the table, you can combine different decorations, described above - put a floral composition in the center of the table, arrange ceramic figures of animals around it, decorate napkins with flowers or twigs, and place a painted egg on each guest's plate. Of course, this is only one of the possible options, other original ideas can be inspired from our gallery.